The Childrens House

Mission Statement:

‘To enable the full potential of every child to enhance the future of the world’

Children join The Children’s House from two and a half years old. They begin by attending a minimum of three mornings per week: we take care to help your child settle in happily and quickly and provide parents with daily written feedback
during their first few weeks.

All children incorporate the Early Learning Goals of the Foundation Stage into their experiences during their time at The Children’s House. The exercises that the children choose from are designed to prepare them for reading, writing and number work so that a very natural progression is achieved. The staff:pupil ratio means that there is a high level of individual attention. Our success is apparent in the confidence and abilities of pupils when they leave us.

The number of morning sessions gradually increases until your child is ready to remain for lunch and the afternoon. At four years old, children will be staying for a minimum of eight sessions a week and, by the time they move on from The Children’s House into Grantham Farm, at the age of five, they will be attending school full time.