Summer Concert playground 2012-51

Olivia mother of Eliza, Johnny and Tom

“Our three children all enjoyed a wonderfully happy and fulfilling time at The Children’s House under Shaunagh’s expert supervision.  Academically they all received a fantastic foundation on which to build, and they learnt some key lessons for life:  the importance of making friends, manners, kindness, honesty and hard work. The atmosphere was always nurturing, calm and purposeful and they were encouraged to be curious and to ask questions.   They were all blissfully happy there.  The nativity play was always magical, and I still return annually to watch it; for me it really marks the beginning of Christmas!  Our eldest daughter has just won an Academic Scholarship to Downe House, there is no doubt that some of the credit must go to Shaunagh and her team for engendering in her a love of learning and a passion for reading at such an early age.  We will always be indebted to the Children’s House.”

Children getting ready to go outside
Tara – Mother of Max who was at Grantham Farm for a year and a term when he was eight years old. It was recommended to her by her sister who had had a child at The Children’s House.
“Max, who had some specific learning difficulties, was a really, really unhappy little boy before going to Grantham Farm. Shaunagh took him from rock bottom and built up his self-esteem to become someone who is really confident and happy. She took Max from where he was at and thought about what he needed. She gave him back his confidence and got him to see success for himself. I can’t remember how many levels of reading Max went up during his time – but it was incredible. Shaunagh has high, but not damaging, expectations. It is a very nurturing environment.”
The Children work with one another - sharing their experiences
Rachel – Mother of Ellen who was at The Children’s House for 2 years. Rachel chose to supplement her mainstream teacher training with a Montessori training and for a period taught blind children.
“I’ve visited lots of Montessori schools round London and they are not half as beautiful as The Children’s House. The environment is so important and The Children’s House has it – in both its inside and outside space. I think The Children’s House has taken the best out of everything that Montessori had to offer and modernised it – something I’m sure Maria (Montessori) would have done herself if she had been alive today. Shaunagh has brought her wisdom and interpretation to bear on a fantastic way of teaching children and she has it down to a fine art. I don’t think any child could not benefit from The Children’s House. Ellen’s ability with language and numbers improved, she became more independent, learnt the importance of finishing things and, with her improved fine motor skills, could cover the fine detail. My youngest son is joining the school in September.”
The school play helps to build the childrens'confidence
Clare – mother of Rory and Sophie who both attended The Children’s House.
“In many ways The Children’s House laid the foundation for what Sophie achieved last year (in gaining her major academic scholarship to a leading public school). Aside from really helping to develop their concentration and getting a head start with reading and writing, The Children’s House helped reinforce standards of behaviour and discipline which have remained with them ever since.”
Sophie says:
“I remember making all sorts of things, spending lots of time outside and of course the nativity play. It was a happy time. It was calm and orderly but we were busy.”
The school play helps to build the childrens'confidence
Gemma – mother of Ethan who attended Grantham Farm
“Hello Grantham Farm!

We are all very well and enjoying the wonderful climate in Colorado, its really something out here and the mountains are beautiful!

Ethan has been at his school for almost a week now and everything you have done for him has prepared him so incredibly well for life here. He has been placed into the top class at Aspen Academy for his Grade and has settled in quickly to a different way of doing things and learning. Academically he is doing wonderfully and the boost you all gave him at Grantham Farm has made the transition so easy. His confidence, understanding and ability to self motivate and question correctly is second to none.

Socially he is the same confident young man he was at Grantham Farm. He has had no issues with going into an established year group and making new friends without becoming a follower. He comes home every day beaming and has established many close friendships already. I thought you may like to read an excerpt from a lovely e-mail I received from Ethans new teacher…

“I also wanted to just say how polite and kind Ethan is. When we were coming in from lunch, Ethan stopped to hold the door without being asked. This was after many kids walked through and did not offer, so I was particularly impressed with his decision to go against the flow of children and show a strong sense of leadership!” Mrs McKnight

What a start Grantham Farm has given us. We all miss all of you terribly and think of you often.”