Global Citizenship


We are very excited to have formed friendships with two Montessori Schools from around the world – Jenz Montessori School in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand and Limpopo Valley School situated on the Mashatu Nature Reserve, Botswana.

The intention is to share ideas, cultural differences, experiences, and also to share our experiences of being an Eco School.

The children have taken an active part in the exchange and have had a lot of fun exchanging e-mails, letters and photographs. They have found it fascinating to learn, for example, that when it is daylight here in England, there is darkness in New Zealand and when we are all wrapped up in the coldest depths of our winter and building snowmen, it is sunny and hot in New Zealand and the children there are swimming in the sea!

PURPLE CAKE DAY – 17th March 2016

We are sharing many projects with our international friends and recently took part in ‘Purple Cake Day’, an incentive from Jenz, which is all about children helping other children all over the world to get the education they need to break the poverty cycle, and create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Purple Cake Day celebrates the children in our lives, encourages them to learn about their role in the global community, and empowers them to take action for those in need.

Our children had a lot of fun with all things purple! They made purple ‘Flags of Hope’, purple cup cakes and had a great time mixing red and blue paint with their hands on a huge piece of paper to create a purple piece of artwork.

We raised money by selling the purple cup cakes to parents and will be using this money to support the Send a Cow charity.