Nativity Play (1985-2014)

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In December 2014 we performed the Nativity Play for the thirtieth time. This was even more special as we had the son of one of the original angels playing the part of a shepherd.

The original inspiration for this play came from a village Nativity Play that was performed in St Catherine’s Church, Wolverton when I was a small child. It involved parishioners of all ages and was produced by the Rector’s wife. It was an amazing experience! It had a profound effect on me and really explained the story of the First Christmas and the sentiments we all share at Christmas time.

When I started this school in January 1985, I wanted to give all the children a similar experience. Here we are 30 years later. Some 400 children have performed in the play over the years and it is clearly remembered by both the children and their parents!

This year we introduced the role of King Herod into the story. I have always shied away from this but with a careful choice of words it brought a balance of feelings. We have all experienced the effect that power sometimes has over judgement.

Herod was probably an example of this and felt threatened by the birth of Jesus.

The performances were enjoyed by over 120 parents, family members and friends. We hope that in a small way they were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, for this year and for years to come.


Shaunagh de Boinville